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Safety Bonds

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Doughty Τ22001 Safety Bond 15kg

Doughty Τ22001 Safety Bond 3mm with 585mm Length & SWL 15kg - Black
  In stock
3.59 € excl tax

Doughty Τ220025 Safety Bond 25kg

Doughty Τ220025 Safety Bond 3mm with 585mm Length & SWL 25kg - Black
  Temporarily out of stock
5.26 € excl tax

Doughty Τ2841001 Safety Bond 20kg

Doughty Τ2841001 Safety Bond 2mm with 600mm Length & SWL 20kg - Black
  In stock
6.04 € excl tax

Doughty Τ2849001 Safety Bond 100kg

Doughty Τ2849001 Safety Bond 3mm with 600mm Length & SWL 100kg - Black
  In stock
3.27 € excl tax

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