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PA SOLUTIONS joins Prolyte as an official authorized dealer in Greece.

Monday, December 7, 2020

PA Solutions joins Prolyte as Greece’s official Authorized dealer.


Prolyte is excited to welcome PA solutions as an authorized dealer in Greece. PA solutions is led by Kostas Tsaganos and Yiannis Benetas, whom both carry more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry.


“We are thrilled to have PA Solutions join Prolyte’s family. We look forward to working side by side with Kostas, John and his team in Athens, and to seeing more Prolyte exposure in the South East region of Europe.” - Prolyte Sales Director William Voskuil.


PA Solution’s CEO Kostas “I was one of the first technical experts to install Prolyte products in Greece in the early 2000’s. And now almost 20 years later, I’ve made my way to work side by side with Prolyte.


Kostas adds, “I have great respect for Prolyte products. Adding Prolyte to our Portfolio, I know that I have the best trussing system and I feel very confident about providing the best solutions and products to our customers, from rental companies to big institutes.”


“One of the benefits of being under the A4I branch is the collaboration within the group, to come up stronger than any other manufacturer in the industry. Having Prolyte always one step ahead of the competition.” Area Four Industries CEO František Zykan.


"We are confident that PA solutions will provide the Greece market with the sufficient knowledge and experience for the best trussing solutions.” - William Voskuil.



Prolyte is the world leading manufacturer of hardware products and safe structural solutions for the entertainment industry. 


Founded in 1991, Prolyte is a market leader producing and supplying high-quality products for the entertainment industry for over 25 years. We are passionate about offering the best solutions for our customers. As a manufacturer of the basic building blocks of our industry including truss, staging, and hoists, we endeavor for product excellence and continuous product innovation. 


Our solutions are safe, reliable and can be used in every type of event. Our project portfolio showcases our ability to provide all the tools and knowledge to make your event safe, successful and care free. Prolyte  will help guide you throughout the whole process of creating structures whenever and wherever you want. Our trained technical staff will provide best practice solutions combined with out of the box thinking in order to meet your entertainment needs. 


Prolyte is headquartered in the Netherlands, where the complex process of design, engineering, and sales come together. As one of the leading suppliers of entertainment solutions globally, Prolyte has an office and warehouse in the USA. Our worldwide dealer network of partners guarantees local availability to our brand of products including Prolyte Structures, Prolyte Systems, StageDex, and ProLyft. All in all, a one-stop shop to make your event a success. By prioritising mutual respect and trust, Prolyte creates long term relationship. When this all comes together, Prolyte is your first step to start building great things. 

Our unique philosophy of sharing our knowledge improves the business of our customers and has proved to contribute to the success of our customers and users of our products. We work closely with our customer network to guarantee constant innovation of products, processes and services. To assure safe use and safe structures, we produce according to the latest and highest standards.



 Should you have any inquires, PA SOLUTIONS can be reached by email at sales@pasolutions.gr and by calling +302106427500





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