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PA SOLUTIONS is the new exclusive distributor for Flexa Sensors in Greece

Monday, January 25, 2021


We are pleased to announce the exclusive distribution of Flexa Sensors for Greece.  The mission undertaken by Flexa Sensors is to introduce a wide range of sensors to be applied to the entertainment, exhibition, corporate and industrial sectors.




In recent years, the complexity of touring events has increased dramatically with the introduction of the LED technology combined with the need of more complex set design. The need for live load monitoring is a critical task in the safety chain to provide a secure working environment under any suspended load. Without using load cell, it is impossible to calculate exactly the pay-load distribution within a grid, how it is affected dynamically during operation and react immediately to any adverse change.



Flexa Sensors is a constantly evolving project by Conset srl and Area Four Industries Italia srl, with the aim of integrating data and tools that have so far been separated from each other.



Conset is the acronym for Concept for the Set. The company designs integrated products and systems for the entertainment industry. Conset is a smart company that develops concepts and uses an external production chain that optimizes skills and reduces costs.

Area Four Industries (A4I) consists of a “network” of companies operating in the entertainment, trade fair and corporate sectors worldwide, specializing in the trussing & rigging sector.


Flexa Sensors Website: https://www.flexasensors.com/

Should you have any inquires, PA SOLUTIONS can be reached by email at sales@pasolutions.gr and by calling +302106427500






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