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Kenro Blower Brush Medium

Kenro Blower with Brush - Medium Size
  In stock
4.81 € incl tax

Kenro Cotton Gloves (M) (2 Pairs)

Kenro Cotton Gloves Size 09 (M) (2 Pairs) - White
  Temporarily out of stock
4.17 € incl tax

Kenro Hurricane Blower

Kenro Hurricane Blower with Double Valve System
  In stock
5.84 € incl tax

Kenro Kenair Air Duster Actuator

Kenro Kenair Clean Air Duster Actuator Valve for Air Duster Aerosol
  In stock
7.18 € incl tax

Kenro Kenair Air Duster Aerosol

Kenro Kenair Clean Air Duster Aerosol 360ml Spare Part
  In stock
15.92 € incl tax

Kenro Kenair Air Duster Master Kit

Kenro Kenair Clean Air Duster Master Kit Aerosol 360ml and Actuator Valve
  Temporarily out of stock
21.36 € incl tax

Kenro Kenair Antireflect Full Matt

Kenro Kenair Antireflect Spray Full Matt 400ml for Product Photography
  In stock
9.02 € incl tax

Kenro Kenair Dust Vac

Kenro Kenair Dust Vac Attachment
  In stock
7.64 € incl tax

Kenro Kenair Lens Cleaner

Kenro Kenair Optical Lens Cleaner 150ml
  In stock
8.17 € incl tax

Kenro LCD Screen Protector

Kenro LCD Screen Protector 3 x 100mm x 80mm for Digital Cameras
  In stock
4.16 € incl tax

Kenro Magic Cleaning Cloth

Kenro Magic Cleaning Cloth 32cm x 38cm with Ultra Fine Microfibres for Optical Lenses
  Temporarily out of stock
3.18 € incl tax