General Cavi 3G16mm2

GENERAL CAVI H07RN-F 3G16MM2 Power Cable Φ24mm - Black
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Product code (SKU): 121253
Product code: GC-H07RNF-3G16-BLK


This cable is suitable for dry, humid or wet environments in open air, in
workshops with an explosive athmosphere. When used for connections
they're subjected to medium/severe mechanical stress. It can be used even in
fixed laying like floors and temporary construction site set offs.CPR Compliant
305/2011 EU
Special Features in addition to the features of the H07RN_F:
-Insulation tested up to +90°C includes the characteristics of the H07BN4-F
cables and the H07BB-F cables. Low Temperature Resistant (-40°C dynamic
-50°C static).
-AD8 water resistance 10 bar such as the H07RN8-F.
-OZONE RESISTANT (Test A) and (Test B). UV Resistant. AG2 Shock
Resistant. Excellent resistance to mineral oils, fats, AF3, and atmospheric
agents AK2.Resistance to alternate bending of sections ≤ 4 mm2: for at
least 100000 cycles


General Cavi 3G16mm2

11,85 €
15,80 €