After Sales Support

The warranty period starts from the date indicated on the document (Retail Sales Receipt or Invoice) of the initial purchase of the products by the first end user and is not transferable. The warranty period is set at a minimum of 2 years and covers defects arising from the materials or assembly work of the product by the manufacturer.

During the warranty period, the defective product will be repaired or replaced at no charge for parts and labor at a time, place and in a manner determined solely at the discretion of PA SOLUTIONS.

The warranty does not apply to the following cases:

  • Damage caused by improper handling, incorrect use, incorrect installation, incorrect or incomplete installation and maintenance, impact, dropping the device, incorrect connection, different current voltage, fluctuating mains voltage, short circuit, fire, extreme temperature, humidity, liquid spillage, battery acid leakage, weather conditions (lightning, flooding, sun exposure).
  • Damage to loudspeakers, diaphragms, coils, capsules, microphone heads, laser heads and diodes, turntable needle heads, potentiometers, lamps, LED diodes and bulbs, horns, pumps, motors, cables, plugs, accessories and, in general, consumables.
  • Usage contrary to the specifications and intended use specified by the manufacturer.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized software or viruses.
  • When the Serial Number or identifying marks of the device have been altered, removed, or tampered with.
  • When there has been an attempt or repair or modification to a device by anyone other than the company's technical department.

Immediately after purchase and before using a product, the customer should carefully read the instruction manual, as it contains all the necessary information covering its correct use, connection, and maintenance.

If a repair is considered outside the warranty conditions, in addition to the cost of spare parts, the following charges apply:

  • The minimum charge for the inspection of a device and the estimation of the repair work is set at 20,00€, which is paid in advance and deducted from the final cost of the repair resulting from the value of any spare parts and labour.
  • The corresponding minimum charge for cables is 5,00€, while for multi cables over 16 channels and for special cable constructions e.g. stage boxes, cable reels etc. is 30,00€ per unit.
  • The minimum charge rule excludes devices with a catalogue price value of less than 100.00€.
  • The charge for the work of the Technical Department is 30,00€ per hour.
  • The charge for the work of the Technical Department at the customer's site is 50,00€ per hour. This charge applies to working hours within the applicable working hours of the company and for areas within the Attica basin. Outside working hours or for other areas, the charges occur after consultation with the customer.
  • In cases where the repair exceeds 200,00€ a 30% deposit is required.


Terms & Conditions and Procedure for Collections and Repairs

The customer by submitting devices for repair, declares that he has been informed and accepts unconditionally all the terms of service, and that the information from the technical department of the company regarding the repair of the products mentioned in the respective Receipt Form can be done at the address or phone or email that he has declared.

The transport and any insurance for the products to be repaired from and to the Technical Department of PA SOLUTIONS is always at the responsibility and expense of the customer, whether they are covered by warranty or not.

The PA SOLUTIONS Technical Department is not responsible for any loss of data from the devices during the repair. The customer should have ensured that any data on the device to be repaired is backed up before handing over the device.

  • The customer is informed of the cost of the repair before it is carried out. Customer confirmation is required prior to any repair process. In the event of a delay in confirmation, after 5 days from notification by the Technical Department, the repair process will not be initiated, and the products will be ready for collection by the customer at the customer's own risk and expense.
  • If the repair is deemed unprofitable, or the device is deemed "non-repairable”, or the customer does not wish to proceed with the repair, the minimum charge will not be refunded, and the customer will receive the device in the condition in which it was delivered, if possible.
  • The repair of the product is carried out according to the description of the fault indicated by the customer.
  • Work requiring spare parts is directly dependent on third-party supply and may affect the time to complete the repair.
  • Repaired products must be received by the Technical Department within thirty (30) days of notification.
  • After the above period, the customer will be charged storage costs at a daily rate of €3.00.
  • After sixty (60) days from the initial notification, if the customer does not proceed with the collection of the repaired or unrepaired products, by arranging the transport at his own responsibility and expense, he hereby authorizes PA SOLUTIONS, through the relevant Receipt Form issued upon receipt of the product, to proceed with the recycling of the products mentioned therein, he unconditionally consents to its destruction, and has no claim or demand against PA SOLUTIONS whatsoever.
  • The return of the product can only be made by showing the receipt or following identification with the details declared upon receipt and after the full payment of the repair.


*The above prices do not include VAT 24%.

The company for each product it repairs provides a 6-month warranty of good working order for the labor and spare parts regarding the specific problem repaired.

The company will exert every effort to complete each repair as soon as possible and in the best possible way. For any questions or problems, you can contact our technical department.