Active Audio R210+-w

Active Audio R210+-w Ray-On+ Self-powered DSP Column Loudspeaker DanteTM-enabled 2 10m White
Product code (SKU): 126930
Product code: ACT-R210+-w


The R210+ is a 210cm active column, which is designed to be mounted vertically.
With a nominal range of 42m, it offers a high-quality alternative for larger spaces in airports, train and underground stations, conference rooms, churches or shopping malls when you need to run the audio over a network.
Ray-On+ is reserved for indoor use, it cannot be subjected directly to rain.
Range: 42m at ±5dB

Acoustical data
Max SPL: 94.5dBSPL @ 16m
Sensitivity: 71dB/1W @ 16m
Range ±3dB: 31m
Range ±5dB: 42m
Frequency bandwidth: (-10dB) 120Hz-18kHz
Horizontal opening angle: ±180° (1kHz) / ±70° (4kHz)
Vertical directivity: Wavefront synthesis

Electrical data
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Inputs: 1 x symmetrical analog input (Euroblock)
1 x Dante™ RJ45 input
Power supply: 90V-250V 50Hz/60Hz
Amplifier: Class D 300W
Protection: Thermal fuse
Equalization: Optimal pre-programmed.

Mechanical data
Dimensions (WxPxH): 128mm x 117mm x 2086mm
Net / shipping weight: 18kg / 19.6kg
Environment: IP23
Colors: white, black


Active Audio R210+-w